Pre-Order "All My Shades Of Blue"

We are very excited to finally announce the release of our debut album 'All My Shades Of Blue' produced by Rick Rubin, available digitally and on CD June 1st and on vinyl June 22nd (via Ramseur Records). It's been a long journey - from late nights writing and recording demos in our bedroom back in Scunthorpe, to struggling for rent in our London bedsit, eventually having the privilege of recording a record in Malibu with some of the best musicians in the world. This album showcases that journey, our emotions, experiences and stories. You can PRE-ORDER the album NOW via digital retail or our online store. All those who purchase get our new single 'All My Shades Of Blue', along with 'Aces, 'Vendetta', 'Motor City', and 'Summer Sun' instantly! We sincerely hope you dig this record - thank you everyone for your support! 
Love, Henry and Ru x